Monday, September 20, 2010

Article: Garin Torani, Akko

Arutz 7 recently wrote an article about the Garin Torani in Akko.

The Garin Torani in Akko is a fast-growing community, founded over a decade ago, and now composed of over 100 religious families. They have been and continue to be a major contributor to positive social-change in Akko. They contribute to the Jewish Community in Akko simply by living there as part of the community, but also with a host of communal/social programs including:
  • Holiday Fairs/Communal Events
  • Tutoring programs for Elementry School students
  • Food/Clothes distribution center for the needy
  • Community Beit Midrash/Kolel
  • Educational Programs in local schools
  • Building a new neighborhood for religious families
  • And many more...
For more information about the Garin Torani in Akko, see the Community Contacts for Akko in the NBN Community Guide

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