Monday, November 1, 2010

Temporary Residence in Akko

I've had a few people ask me where to stay in Akko for their pilot trip or while they are apartment hunting. Here are a few options:

Zippi's House
One such oleh recently stayed at Zippi's House, a hostel run out of a couple studio-apartments in a private residence. He recommended the place to me highly and gave me a quick tour. The room was small but clean with plenty of cabinet-space, a small kitchen, and private bathroom. It also had a sweet private porch overlooking their large, well-tended yard. He said that Tzipi, the proprietor, kept the place clean and generally made him feel at home.

To give you a ballpark on the price, she said that for a lone-tenant to stay for a week the prices are:
stay in common-room(with other guests) 150 NIS/night
stay in private-room 250 NIS/night
simple breakfast is an extra 25NIS
fancy breakfast is an extra 50NIS

The place is located at Bilu 10 in the heart of the Shikun in Akko and they can be contacted at or at 972-50-7901447.

Palm Beach Hotel
Located on the waterfront just South of the old city, this is a quality hotel with private beach and swimming pool. Its a little bit far from the neighborhoods in the North and East of Akko, which olim would be interested in, but a taxi-ride is only 12 shekels within the city, so its not so bad. Rates start in the ballpark of 550NIS/night.

You can reserve online for a discounted rate.

Karmiel Absorption Center
Located at the entrance to Karmiel, the Absorption Center is a 20 minute bus ride from Akko. Its probably the most affordable temporary housing option for Olim who are looking for a more long-term solution.

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