Saturday, July 30, 2011

Akko Neighborhoods

Akko has many different neighborhoods, each with it's own character and style. Locals generally divide the city's residential areas into 3 areas, each containing a number of different neighborhoods:

Shikun: East of the train tracks. These suburban neighborhoods have some large apartment buildings but mostly consist of 2-3 story private homes or duplexes. Some neighborhoods are old/run down, others are brand new. Most of the city's religious community/synagogues are here, as well as two yeshivas, mikvas, etc. Many residents rent out studio apartments attached to their homes.

Tzafon: The Northern coastal part of the city. These neighborhoods are generally newer, with a few exceptions. Also has a good sized religious community, but is newer, less established than in the Shikun.

Ha-Ir: The town center. West of train tracks, where the Old City, boardwalk, bus station, train station, city hall, and most stores/businesses are. Mostly apartment buildings, some old Arab-style houses. Most of the city's Arab population lives here so it's mixed buildings/neighborhoods.

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